About Us

Natural fibre yarn and knits that are all about the journey - healthy pastures, happy animals, and hand construction over mass production...

This is Knitting for the Soul

This is where you will find:
  • posh yarn - natural fibres only
  • beautiful knitwear design patterns and other hand-making inspiration
  • quality knitting tools and accessories
  • unique handmade ready-to-wear knits
Where it all began

My name is Dr Terri Farrelly.  The 'Dr' part came from my work in Aboriginal health, with a particular focus on suicide and self-harm.  The 'Terri' part came from my parents who thought that was a good idea in 1970s Australia (they were different times).  The 'Farrelly' part came from my husband Ned, from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I like that part, and I share it with him and our son Seamus.

Knitting for the Soul is the result of my 2013 mid-life crisis.  There have been others, and hopefully there'll be more.  But this one came from a need to try and deal with the stress-induced anxiety I had been having trouble with over the years.

Knitting was something I loved doing - at that time I had never progressed past knitting blanket squares, but I knew it made me feel good, and I knew I wasn't the only one.

Mostly Knitting for the Soul is my gig - but I can't take all the credit.  There are others who help me out with things I need - photography, modelling, styling, making the hand-knits, bouncing ideas and brainstorming etc.  I've been very lucky to find these groovy people.

Culture and lifestyle

We don't just sell stuff - we promote a culture and lifestyle that we believe in.

First of all, it's ethical.  It's about sustainable farming practices and animal wellbeing - this means not practising mulesing of sheep without pain relief, and protecting animals from injury and cruelty during shearing.  And it's about yarn production that doesn't exploit people.

Secondly, it's about slow living.  The slow living movement emphasises slower approaches to aspects of every day life.  There's great satisfaction to be found in taking time to make things for yourself, using traditional methods, and valuing the process as much as the outcome.  We believe this is why knitting is good for the soul.

Thirdly, it's good to be a yarn snob. If you're going to spend the time and effort making it, then you're going to want to wear it.  But you won't wear it if it's itchy-scratchy.  This is an indulgence that can't be compromised on, or else it loses its point.

Lastly, there's gratification in being able to knit like a boss.  There are endless sources of inspiration and instruction out there these days, and the Internet means you are just a Google search and a YouTube video away from learning how to do anything.  If you have always wanted to learn to knit, then now is your time.  If you haven't progressed from knitting blanket squares, then you will wonder what you've been waiting for.  If you already knit like a boss, you are here because you want to keep your knit game tight and already know what I'm talking about.

Knitting nerds unite!

Knitting for the Soul has experienced some evolution over the past few years - and we need to keep evolving.  This means we need your input.

If you are looking for something particular and can't find it, let us know.

If you've discovered something really cool and think we should stock it, let us know.

If you find something doesn't work, let us know.

And if you just want to share your story, let us know that too.